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Runaround Sue: 1961 Airstream Safari Ready To Roll!

22 feet of rambling Americana, looking good and running like her own sweet self again!

Storage is tucked into every nook and cranny — there is a dresser and closet, kitchen cabinet and drawers, storage under and over the couch area, and room for trailer equipment in the dining benches.  Both the couch and the reclaimed redwood tabletop can be made into comfy beds.

The bathroom packs a lot into a small space: composting toilet, shower stall, redwood bench and counter, movable mirror, towel ring,  and an electrical outlet on the underside of the little cabinet. The toilet composts all waste, so a black water tank is not needed!   The gray water tank for the composting toilet uses a gravity-fed release valve and an attachable hose (stored in one of the dinette benches) to rid the trailer of gray water.  Because you don’t have to get the tank pumped, boondocking time is increased. If you’d like more information on how the composting toilet works, visit Nature’s Head.

The kitchenette features a stovetop with two propane and one electric burner, a sink with a lift-up cover and brushed nickel hardware,  an extra flip-up countertop, and a fridge topped with reclaimed redwood.

Solar panels power the water heater, furnace, refrigerator, fans, and most of the lighting in the trailer.

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